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Four of the greatest Afternoon Tea Dates

By May 6, 2022Uncategorized

Celebrate Afternoon beverage Week (10-16 August) if you take your time to just one of your favorite tea places from the Great Date Guide!

Lumley Castle, Durham

Make your date feel royalty by inviting all of them for supper, products or mid-day beverage at a palace. Waiting with its place within the beautiful County Durham landscape for over 600 decades, Lumley Castle harks returning to a period when chivalry was actually definitely alive, kicking and battling for somebody’s honour. So if you’d want to be treated like a lady, or feel like a knight in shining armour, this castle is where to get it done.


Grosvenor Hotel, Chester

From the moment you go into the doors with the top Chester Grosvenor resort you are sure that you are in for treat.  This level II listed building is set in the heart of outdated Chester from the Eastgate Clock. Inside it is elegance personified, with twinkling chandeliers and magnificent textiles. The resort boasts two award-winning restaurants, Los Angeles Brassiere for a comfortable meal as well as actually creating an impact on your loved one, the Michelin was the star Simon Radley.  They will have used this Michelin honor regularly since 1990, so as imaginable the dining experience is actually from the greatest criterion. Possible find the Signature, A La Carte and/or 8 program sampling menus. Or perhaps Afternoon beverage? Whatever your choice you will earn brownie factors for choosing this type of an attractive, top-notch place.


The Panoramic 34, Liverpool

The Panoramic 34 which rests from the 34th flooring in the prestigious t4m west palmern Tower, the tallest building in Liverpool,  is a lot more than simply a pretty picture. The bistro provides the choice of cocktails and an excellent food menu for dinner and lunch which are guaranteed to impress. For an even more relaxed day or multiple sweet-tooths, find a unique selection of mid-day beverage menus that start from Vintage to Exotic, offering a variety of pastries from crazy strawberry macaroons to chocolate Viennese cookies.


Thomas Oken Tearooms, Warwick

When it comes to hopeless romantics out there, it may feel like some thing of a passing away art you need to take on a great antique date. Fortunately, the beautiful Thomas Oken Tea spaces in Warwick tend to be definitely complement objective, therefore won’t be kept disappointed using their picturesque, historically rich building.

Built by Thomas Oken themselves 500 years back, the idyllic house-turned-establishment perfectly catches the charm of the Warwickshire town, and certainly will allow you to transform your antiquated desires into real life.

Step internally and you should get a hold of a cosy, friendly atmosphere, detailed with a range of cream and mid-day teas – in great preserving outdated English heritage. Needless to say, they also serve up every person’s favorite twenty-first millennium addiction – coffee!


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